Monday, April 21, 2014

In more than one way, this has been a long winter.  Northeastern Ohio spent a lot of time under cloudy skies, under inches of snow, and well below freezing temperatures.  We will all have a better appreciation for the Ohio summer, whatever it may hold. 

For the Club, we also spent a lot of time in the hangars bent over various projects, crawling under engines, and digging into wings.  Whether it was washing and waxing gliders, repairing the previous season’s dents and dings, or trying to finish the never ending annual inspection on the tow plane, a lot of members stepped up to the challenge of keeping the Club flying.  These members receive quiet thanks from every one of us every time we drive to the field expecting to fly.  It’s not magic that keeps the tow plane’s propeller turning, or makes the glider fleet airworthy every spring.  It’s the hard work and dedication of the members rising to the challenge of a love affair with flying. 

As the snow melts and the ground dries, I encourage all of you to brush up on the often forgotten knowledge of weather minimums, radio procedures, and to schedule some time with a flight instructor to answer any questions you may have.  Go over the weight and balance information for your favorite glider, review the VFR sectional, and get ready for your annual club check flight.  You’ll need to have that once-a-year flight with a club instructor prior to solo flight in a club glider, and three landings before you can carry passengers. 

Even after a winter of flying powered aircraft I plan to spend as much time as possible high above the green fields of Ohio in quiet solitude, wondering how the other half on the ground lives.   Mother Nature owes us some bright sun, light winds, and puffy cumulus, will you take advantage of it when she makes due? 
See you at the airport!

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