Monday, May 21, 2018

The New 2018 Season is in Full Swing!

The New 2018 Season is in Full Swing!

Super Scout tow plane is up 

Summer Thermals are Building

We are Flying!

Stop out Thursday Afternoon

For Fun...

Or Schedule A Ride

For Saturday or Sunday!

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  1. Greetings, CSS!

    I was discussing the recent record glider flight in Argentina, where they hit 76,100' -- a new record for a glider, by far. It got me thinking about my days of glider flying, which I absolutely loved!

    I was, at one time, the YOUNGEST MEMBER of the Cleveland Soaring Society, at age 11, around 1971/72. My dad was a private pilot, and passed that love for aviation on to me. About that time, he got bit by the soaring bug, and we joined! I'd had at least a dozen flights then. I loved aviation so much, I did end up getting my private pilots license in about 2001. (SEL). I've had a few glider flights since those early days, and I'd go up RIGHT NOW, if I could!

    I currently live in Palm Springs, CA, and I still envy, enjoy, admire, love anything to do with glider flight! (I'm also tremendously impressed with that new record in Argentina!)

    I had to Google the CSS, to see what's up, and I'm glad to see you folks are still at it. That's great!

    Tell that old kid, the current youngest member at age 15, to keep at it. Grandpa would want that!!

    Soar on, amigos! My heart is with you all!

    -Greg Begin


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