Wednesday, March 6, 2013

CSS Remembers Dick Proch

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of longtime Cleveland Soaring member, Dick Proch.  Dick was a certified glider instructor and a consummate teacher.  He was a longtime member of Cleveland Soaring and remained active through the end of the 2012 flying season.  He will be sorely missed.  Soar in Peace, Dick Proch!

A few more pictures of Dick, courtesy of Ed Aro.


  1. If you'd like to take a final glide with our friend and mentor, Dick, go 4 minutes into Ed's July 4 video:
    While you’re at it, do a few wing overs for the rest of us still here on the ground!
    Dave H

  2. I met Dick for the first time one flying day in Geauga County Airport several years ago after our club's previous move from Chardon Airport. He was standing around and talking to the other members when my turn to fly came. I instinctively offered him a ride since the rear seat normally occupied by the instructor was empty. Without hesitation, he accepted my offer and off we went to the wide and uncrowded sky which would in due time be his favorite playground.

    He showed enough excitement and enthusiasm that I asked him if he would like to feel the controls of the aircraft. Again without hesitation, he took the chance and did a decent job considering that he was virtually a beginner. Little did he and I know that that rear seat would be his usual seat as an instructor several years later after hard work, dedication and preparations.

    He was a conscientious instructor and formed together with our great group of instructors, the knowledge base of our club, and it would be an honor for me if I were trained by him also.

    So, to Dick, our soaring friend, my solemn farewell, and when we meet again, please save me a front seat so that we can soar the skies of the hereafter.

    Ed Aro

  3. I have met few people who love flying gliders as much as Dick Proch did. He lived for it. And, he always shared the experience with someone – usually a student or commercial ride. He loved doing the commercial rides and was a great ambassador for CSS in that capacity. Students, on the other hand, didn't have it quite so easy. Dick was a perfectionist and could be a demanding instructor but, he turned out some darn good pilots in the process - ask Jim Martin. I think Jim was Dick’s first student in the days at Miller airport. I remember how Dick would spend hours debriefing with Jim after flying while the rest of us slackers sat around sharing a few beers and stories. Dick was a committed instructor and an able pilot and CSS is diminished with his passing.

    I've shared many a thermal with Dick over the years, flying across the great circle from him. I can still see him. He’s in the cherry red 832 with a student or ride. My gaze is fixed on that bird as we whirl around, landscape streaming by. I sense the smile on his face. That’s how I’ll remember him.

    M Dunlap


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